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Design, planning, building, programming, visualization, optimization, and documentation: From small local controls and control cabinets to autonomous robot applications and large, complex plant control systems serving distributed remote applications. Complete automation technology is our specialty.

In our modern and high-tech equipped company building, we develop and build sophisticated controllers, switchgear, devices (prototypes and series production), and cable harnesses as well as measuring and testing systems. Our clients are well-known plant manufacturers, industrial enterprises, and global corporations.

Working in cleanrooms is as familiar to us as working directly on the construction site. Services can be delivered using various modern remote maintenance methods.

For the implementation, we always take into consideration the company’s and/or country-specific regulations, during construction as well as during the concluding testing and certification.

Planning and documentation of new systems and extensions can be done using the CAD systems EPlan or ELCAD. On request, data can be converted into customer-specific formats such as Microsoft Office.

Need to dig deeper? Need more input? This is the place for you because we offer training in robotics and PLC in our in-house training center or on-site at your own facility.



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