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Who we are
In general, KOCO MOTION sees itself as a system house that offers the best drive solution for the customer, by using all motor- and control-technologies.
The products required for this are – in addition to our own production – manufactured for us in the USA, Lichtenstein, Korea, Taiwan, and China.
The company philosophy – “We are only satisfied when the optimum solution has been found for the customer” – is characteristic of the way the KOCO MOTION team works.
KOCO MOTION is a problem solver, a partner who is enthusiastic about technology and who is already at home in the future.

What you can expect from us
As a customer of KOCO MOTION you can expect high flexibility and professionalism.
In partnership with you, we realize the required quality within the announced budget. High reliability is the own demand of our team to all our customers.
You will receive an individual advice from the very beginning, involving your wishes and ideas. Take advantage of our many years of experience in the development and production of electric motors. Experience together with other customers the special customer satisfaction.
The symbiosis of KOCO MOTION with its manufacturing partners enables you to offer customized solutions in small series.
In addition, sufficient production capacities are available to you for complex projects with large quantities.

KOCO MOTION GmbH, partner in development
Our team of engineers, physicists and technicians is at your service to solve your problems. Together with you, we agree on requirements and specifications and ensure compliance by means of close inspections. No matter if it is about initial sampling, requalification, or the daily quality assurance together with our manufacturing partners. We maintain our own test stations and develop a suitable test concept for your applications.



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