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With more than 38 years of experience, HOHNER AUTOMATION is the main Spanish optical encoders manufacturer. From our headquarter based in Breda (Barcelona), we design, manufacture, commercialize and support our customers in the development of industrial automation projects.

HOHNER offers a wide range of incremental and absolute encoders, magnetic solutions, different lineal measuring systems and inclinometers.

+ INNOVATION. It is our flexibility and adaptability, coupled with our ethos of engineering, manufacturing excellence and quality concern, which has placed Hohner Automáticos at the forefront of the best encoders manufacturers in the world.

+ SUPPORT. Our own departments of optical, mechanical and electronic manufacturing allow us to offer to our customers free engineering services with maximum efficacy and fast delivery time.

+ CUSTOMIZED PROJECTS. Hohner Automáticos offers the possibility to customize the encoder according to the customer needs, even for small series or samples.


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